Thursday, September 21, 2006

Teaching is pretty neat.

I started a series of workshops last night for my fellow animation students over here at NYU. We talked pretty extensively about proper inbetweening technique, timing, spacing, etc. It was pretty amazing for me because I expected to not be able to get in all the material I wanted, and cut the class short, so forth. But a lot of people were really into it, and it ended up being 4 hours long!

I wrote up some handouts and gave everyone some keys and a breakdown from Aladdin (unfortunately I couldn't find the roughs, so we worked with cleanup artwork). But it was cool! No one had heard of taking their drawings off the pegs to get spot-on detail in the more complex forms, so I feel as if I at least was able to show everyone 1 thing that was new/worthwhile. Based on the response, I'm likely to continue with the series and address some other production tips and tricks. In the future I'll be sure to post all of the materials I use on this blog so anyone can access it if they'd like.

By the way I'm still working out the wrinkles in my story, so bare with me until I put anything up on my 3rd year film. Although, if you want an idea of where I'm drawing a lot of my inspiration from, this is by sculptor Frederick Hart:

Go find his stuff, its amazing. All righty, time to get back to boarding!

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