Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pay Day

I got my first paycheck from Pixar this afternoon... the mere fact that they're paying me to learn from them is just nuts, but I'm not complaining!

Today was full of techy stuff, but at the end of the day we got to see the last two weeks worth of Ratatouille weeklies- fully rendered/animated sequences that absolutely blew all our minds. Prepare yourself for this one, folks. I got so stoked from watching it that I immediately went back to my computer and decided to TRY animating something. Unfortunately YouTube cut it short, but nevertheless- what a way to end the week.


2071558 said...
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Tillie Sain said...

oh snap! That's so rad that you get to play with their "toys"!! And well done, I might add.

When I interned at Shadow Machine in Cali, we had weeklies of their show "Moral Orel" with fried chicken and beer every Friday...good times.

Laurin C. said...

Shit, haha. How long of a period does the paycheck cover (if you can't reveal that, no worries)?