Monday, June 25, 2007

Finally back to animating!

Yep, I spent my whole weekend at Pixar, animating Remy. It was nice to have some fellow animators around for once too- makes going in and getting work done a lot more enjoyable. All the interns are doing Luxo tests to get their feet wet with our software. Now that Ratatouille is coming out in a week, I should be able to finally post the tests I did! I want to get cleared on that first though before I post anything (you probably haven't noticed but I took down the links to other animation I've done with Pixar characters, just to play it safe.. you know, now that I have a job to worry about and all).

The teaser for the film I'm working on is out! Yay, Wall-E.. there's talk that I'm going to be given a chance to do some animation for the film, with the characters I've been building =) Let's hope!


stephen said...

Leave it to pixar to put the tease in teaser. But the music from brazil was a very nice surprise. I'm hooked.

Zoey said...

When I saw that in the theater, i was like, "It's so cute!!! ><" Can't wait for it!

David said...

Why does this look amazing and yet "Robots" sucked?

That was a rhetorical question.

Alina Chau said...