Friday, May 29, 2009

Partly Cloudy

Ahem. Uh, hi.. It's been a while, hasn't it. I've been doing stuff! I swear..

In fact I should still be doing stuff instead of writing this, but I wanted to mention that Partly Cloudy opens in theaters today with Up. You should go see them both, says I.

I had the fortune to model and rig the main character, Peck, as well as all the other birds. The kind folks I worked with even threw me a couple shots to animate - (look for the one where he gets electrocuted). I'll talk about it more some other time. Hope you enjoy it!


AF Carpinelli said...

Mr. H-L,

We (again) loved it. Partly Cloudy was terrific (loved the porcupine!) and UP was so touching. I cried through the 1st twenty minutes. Wonderful, wonderful work and I was so proud and told everyone I could that I taught one of the crew!

And now, I would be remiss if I failed to ask the following: "If the weight of the house, contents and occupants is 10 tons, and its acceleration upward was 3.0 m/s2, how many 100 cm3 balloons were needed to lift the house?"

Anonymous said...

Hey Lou!
Took my kids to see was so WONDERFUL! I cried, but at the end. Such a beautiful movie in
3-D! I don't even know how I'll describe it to people.
Also loved Partly Cloudy...very excited to see your name in the credits! Pixar always needs a challenge, don't they? I mean really, animating clouds?!?! Both are such unique, compelling stories. Definitely one of my all time favorite movie experiences! Hope you and your co-workers get to enjoy this moment! Congratulations! You have so much to be proud of! I am so excited for you! Talk to ya- Mrs.Smith

Paul Sultan said...

that was super. partly cloudy was really funny. i loved the baby billy goat or was it a ram. anyway that was was all cuddly then woosh-->bam. didnt see that coming.

its awesome your working on rigging and animating principal characters. that's quite the responsibility. keep up the good work. peace.

Emily Compton said...

I think that's so cool! I loved both the movie and Partly Cloudy. My parents and I clapped when your name came up in the credits. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Lou, I was thrilled to see the photos your mom sent me after I told her my wife and I had seen your name after the Partly Cloudy short we saw before the movie Up. It was fantastic. I can remember seeing your early work when your mom brought your drawings to our school back in your junior and senior high school days. May you have continued success through your journey in the world of animation. Take care, T. Frett