Saturday, March 10, 2007

Remy Thumbs

I've been talking to a lot of animators here lately, all of whom have been really supportive of my attempts to keep doing my own tests during off-hours, and some even willing to help me out with critique to further my work. Needless to say it has been incredible. I'm putting off the Helen test for something a little more challenging- animating a short acting test with Remy, the main rat character from our upcoming feature Ratatouille. Here's my first pass at some thumbs. I intend to log the progress of this shot from blocking to polish so please keep visiting!


Andrew Coats said...

haha, nice man! Looking good. I have some suggestions, but they are minor. Post a blocking when it's ready and I'll rip it apart!! BWAAHAHAHA!!

stephen said...

so fun. so squishy.