Sunday, April 20, 2008


Sometimes I get frustrated, having to keep things rough in my animation.. so I took one of the keys from this weeks assignment and took it as far as I wish I could take the whole test.

This amateur magician just accidentally turned someone in the audience into something rather horrid.


Paul Sultan said...

what a really clear and emotional character/key. nice.

Laurin C. said...

haha, i can't help but smile every time i see this guy. :)

Edith Han said...

awesome. i love it.
hey--when are you getting back to the Bay Area? California misses you. And so do Mike and I. :)

Tillie Sain said...

You should post your tests, "rough" though they may be. This guy's great - wonderful mustache. Hopefully, he turned the audience member into a giant beastly rabbit, because that's the kind of magic show I'd pay to see. Awesome as always, Lou.

Lou Hamou-Lhadj said...

paul - thanks! it was the final key i had done for the shot.. strangely enough the clarity builds toward it as i figured out just who this guy was. kinda cool to see him evolve.

laurin - yeah, he's no merlin, but.. whatcha gonna do

edith - thanks - i'll be back in a month.. having one heck of a time finding a place to live =(

tillie - hahaaa.. you know how i am about my tests. i really want to be able to give them the amount of time i think they deserve in order for me to take them as far as i possibly can. school doesn't allow for that.. so i'll post the stuff i animate this summer instead, deal?