Thursday, May 01, 2008

Age 6

This is kind of interesting. I'm not really sure when it occured to me that I wanted to be an animator.. but I believe this is the first time I ever committed that dream to paper.

Too bad being 23 isn't a profession, and dinosaur bones aren't already hermetically sealed in a pocket of air to make digging easier.

Note the use of mixed perspective - perfectly logical to a six year old. Boiling it down to an act of sheer communication, the desk wouldn't have been nearly as descriptive without knowing what's on top, yet too busy (at my crude level) had I included all 4 of its legs. Same goes for the chair. Most interesting to me is how one can arguably trace correlations like this between the development of a child's drawing ability (say, over 20 years) to the development of drafting in art history (several thousand).

I won't even bother to go into the figure drawing here though haha.


Stewart said...

I'm calling you "Louie," from now on. Too late!

stephen said...


were people not able to identify the concept of perspective before they were able to represent it in drawings? the challenge of representing depth on a 2d surface must have been fairly challenging--it sure took awhile to go from cave paintings to vanishing points.

You developed a little faster.

stephen said...

oops. ignore that I used the word "challenging" to describe challenge.

messytimbo said...

Hey man, just found your blog, your life drawings are really great, and i animation of the dude drinking the off milk is amazing! but all the other animation links don't work, (bloody youtube) is there anywhere else to see your animation work?

your very talented, i'll be poping back no doubt


Emily said...

Paleontologist-Cartoonist! You are pretty far along the way to achieving your 6-year-old ambitions. All you have to do now is start digging, I guess!

Brian said...

Let me be the first to say this about that drawing:


Psh, I have one of those too... they handed them out the day before graduation in 2nd grade.

Besides, I want to keep imaging your drawing skills as constant throughout the years. Anything else would imply there was a time you weren't as good as you are now.

javi said...

Forget about the drawing. Let's pay more attention to the first and most important of Louie's ambitions here. He says he would like "to be 23" Living till one's early 20s is a pretty crappy ambition by most regards.

But congrats on achieving 2/2 of the goals you have written here louie.

Liana Hee said...

23 is a COOL number and there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a 23 year old animator/paleontologist..It just means you will have a really good next year..but you better hit up Natural Wonders for that block of dinosaur bones! :) great drawing!