Monday, November 27, 2006

"California Here I Come!"

Stealing a line from Cars, I'm heading out to PIXAR January 8th! Three weeks of training, then an evaluation, and I'll be working on one of their next feature animated films until June 29th. I'm signing a NDA this week so unfortunately I won't be able to tell you anything other than like "man, this thing I'm working on is going to be so sick!" but yeah... rock on.


Anonymous said...

man, thats crazy, congrats again

Anonymous said...

NDA? More like, "Not in Dean's Advanced [class]."

We're gonna miss you, dude. But you're gonna kick ten kinds of ass out there, so it'll be worth it. Come back and tell us stories.

LampshadeMan said...

Concragulations. And your TD reel looks aewsome. I can't wait to see more of that 2D/3D animation stuff, if you still have time, if not, I'll be happy seeing stuff you do for PIXAR!

Lou Hamou-Lhadj said...

sal- thanks man, i appreciate it

david- word... i wish i could take everyone with me or something, i'll miss all of you as well! i'll certainly come back with plenty of stories

jodie- i'm glad you've taken some interest in the 2d/3d stuff! im working on trying to tie down that shot and will be posting it as it nears completion