Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pixar round #2!

Today was absolutely awful- worst Monday I've had in a long time, that is UNTIL I got an e-mail from Pixar saying they wanted me to interview with their Supervising Technical Directors about the TD internship I applied for 2 weeks ago! Crazy... the very last thing I expected to see in my e-mail, but man what a rush. I can't help but be excited, and so I thought I would deliver on my promise and upload those pieces from my portfolio I mentioned earlier. Some of them you may recognize, those are new... everything else is pretty old, even a year old in some cases, but yeah, enjoy- (and though I have no way of stopping anyone from stealing these things, I'd probably consider it a high form of flattery for a second or two, and then hunt you down- no joke).

1 comment:

Sal Randazzo said...

congrats! you deserve it man. best of luck to ya!
nice drawings too!