Saturday, November 04, 2006

The waiting game.

Text, lots of text, and no obligatory pictures (cuz I don't have the files with me) but I'll upload them later!

I applied for a Technical Director Internship with PIXAR this past week, which means I had to transform all of my modeling and rigging and programming stuff over the past year into something presentable. Along the way I rediscovered my previous reel that I'd sent over to Disney including all of my prior lifedrawing studies and stuff, which was pretty neat! I ended up recycling some of it and replacing the rest... I need to bring those files home from the lab though so I can post them for you (who ever you are? Why're you still reading this? ) to see. PIXAR says they'll let me know in a couple of weeks that I didn't get into their program (oops?) but until I hear the final word I've got my fingers crossed.

I also had the fortune to meet with Jeffrey Katzenberg this past Monday and show him my film, toward which he was very receptive. He seemed to enjoy it? Laughed at the right moments and stuff, but its always got to be somewhat unnerving to show him a traditionally executed short. All the same it was a great experience, and we shared some stories/aspirations/so forth. I'll be writing him a follow-up letter.

As for right now... I've begun animating my next project, like literally today, begun. There will most certainly be pencil tests coming in the very very near future, so watch for them!

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